Sunday, 22 April 2012

Youtube-Broadcast yourself.

I am one of Millions of people who spend several hours a day watching pointless, humorous, interesting, scary, and knowledgeable videos online.  “Founded in February 2005, by three former PayPal employees - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim . YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos, TV clips and music videos for public viewing. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe”

Youtube, is one of the most effective online public communications sites and allows registered users to upload videos for viewing. With nearly Sixty hours of video uploaded every single minute, 5 months every hour, 10 years per month, and around two billion video views per day.  Youtube is a good way to broadcast your talent to the world, without you even paying a dime.

Youtube has created internet celebrities of its own, for example, Justin Bieber, one of the most famous Teen Singers in the world was discovered on youtube in 2008, after he began posting homemade videos of himself singing. He is now Eighteen years old and one of the most known popular singers in the world. According to Wikipedia, Justine  is earning approximately $53 million a year.  Justine’s song Baby ft. Ludacris’,had seven hundred and twenty seven million, nine hundred and twenty two thousand, and forty five views!! This is the most viewed video of all time on youtube. Justine is  one of the biggest, known youtube stars,  but he isn’t the first and he won’t be the last. You could be the next big thing, that’s how effective YouTube is.

You might be thinking, ‘How can I get millions of views on my YouTube account’?

According to Kevin Allocca, YouTube's trends manager there are 3 ways to help get your video viral.

 Taste makers: if Taste makers (famous or well known people) view your video, share their point of view on it with their friends through Social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook. The views on your video will boost up, because, people want to see what all the fuss is about.

This is where ‘Word of mouth’ comes in, people start talking to their friends about it and it spreads around like a virus. This makes more and more people subscribe and view your video, it makes them feel part of the hype. The last thing is unexpectedness; this is one of the most important things. People are looking for something different. That is what makes people like lady gaga famous.

In America making Youtube videos has become a career for hundreds of people.  If you have a successful YouTube channel you can join in partnership with youtube. This means that you share the revenue from ads that appear on your video. This is now available to people in New Zealand, who have successful YouTube accounts.
Not only has YouTube become a place to entertain people for hours and make money, it is also a place for the world to connect with the world without even leaving your seats.
Want to go to  Samoa?

This youtube video shows you everything you need to know about Samoa.
Youtube also is very useful for learning purposes. To many people the internet is more interesting than, sitting in a classroom and reading from books.  Youtube gives us the opportunity to go online and learn and interact with others with No charge!!

YouTube has become a huge part of advertising and is form of education and entertainment. It is slowly becoming a career for many people around the world. It is a way we can see the world with the click of a button.


  1. An interesting and detailed overview of YouTube with some useful examples and links. The format is a bit odd in places, where the line spacing changes and the paragraphing isn't consistent...

    You include a quote in the first paragraph which should be acknowledged - who said it and where?

    As with your facebook post, it would be good if you developed some of the ideas you raise in more depth. For example, how has YouTube changed the way people access information? Are people more inclined to watch a video to get information than they are to read some text? The Samoa video could be a good example of this.

    And how does YouTube actually make money? How does advertising work on this site? What about those annoying popup ads that you have to keep clicking to get rid of?

    The paragraph about YouTube as a learning tool raises some interesting ideas which you don't develop - for example, you say you can interact with people on this site - but is the quality of the interaction any good? Isn't it mostly people insulting each other? In my experience the 'discussion' is not very interesting. Even the Kevin Alloca video had comments like "who the f@#k cares".

    So I'm looking for more developed ideas, more research, deeper analysis, more examples, and more discussion of the positive/negative aspects of the medium! Tell us something we didn't already know about YouTube!

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